Springtime in Paris it was late in the night
and, I was looking 'round at all the usual sights
suddenly there right in front of my eyes
I saw this girl and I sighed je t'aime

Felt my passion rising as I watched her go by
I speak a little francais so I gave it a try
I was confused - she'd put my mind in a haze
then I remembered a phrase - je t'aime

Stay with me - mon cherie
maybe then
you'll say je t'aime
stay with me - please say oui
to a rendez-vous
je t'aime - means I love you

Parlez-vous anglais didn't bring no success
and she won't say her name or even write her address
don't wanna lose her in the Champs Elysées
only one thing I can say - je t'aime

Mademoiselle has got to me like no-one before
and I just wanna love her
and then love her some more
wish that I'd learnt - my lessons better at school
I'm standing here like a fool - je t'aime

Credito a DJ FANTASY